When it comes to making land use and zoning decisions, municipalities and other government agencies are often required to balance the urgent and important interests of many individuals, groups and businesses that play central roles in their communities.

Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to land use and zoning, representing developers, government agencies, community groups and other parties in administrative proceedings, negotiations and litigation over complex land use issues such as the following.

Land development: Our attorneys guide residential, commercial and industrial developers through the process of acquiring real estate, obtaining planning and zoning approvals, obtaining environmental approvals and preparing environmental impact statements.

Planning and zoning boards: Our firm serves as counsel to municipal planning and zoning boards throughout the Hudson Valley on general review procedures, specific applications and environmental reviews.

Legislative drafting and planning: The attorneys at our firm are experienced at helping municipalities, counties and agencies draft zoning laws, subdivision laws, special land use laws, comprehensive plans and other legislation and planning documents.

Objections to development: We represent environmental organizations, community groups, individuals and other organizations that wish to lodge objections to development plans or halt them altogether.

All of the experienced land use attorneys at our firm are personally committed to both the protection and resilience of its environment and the sustainable growth of the Hudson Valley's economy.

Our partners were part of the team that negotiated the New York City Watershed agreement in 1997 and continue to represent communities in the New York City Watershed. Our firm has also represented the Hudson River Valley Greenway Conservancy in helping counties develop their Greenway plans. One of our partners is an AICP planner as well as an experienced land use attorney.

If you are looking to develop property in the Hudson Valley — whether you are a local resident or an out-of-state corporation — you may need approval from a maze of federal, state and local agencies, some of which will require that you to present your plans to the public.

At the law firm of Rodenhausen Chale & Polidoro LLP, we have long experience assisting clients with land development projects throughout the Hudson Valley region. We understand the law, we understand the concerns of local citizens and governments, and we understand the Hudson Valley. You can rely on our team of experienced lawyers to make a strong case for your land development goals and objectives. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to guide you through the Hudson Valley land development process. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.